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Heat Safety Tips!

Stay cool with summer heat safety tips Summer is the season we all look forward to – cookouts, swimming pools, playing sports or just hanging out on the back deck. But summer sun can also get a little sweltering sometimes. Extreme heat − or 5 straight days of temperatures 9 degrees above normal − can … Continue reading Heat Safety Tips!

Inclement Weather Advisory!

Significant Rainfall is to be expected Friday and Saturday night! Preparing for a weather emergency Protect Your Property To ensure your property is protected! Install storm shutters in wind-prone areas. Secure or store outdoor furniture and loose items. Trim tree branches that are close to the structure; remove dead trees or limbs. Reinforce garage doors. … Continue reading Inclement Weather Advisory!

Spring Safety Tips!

        Spring Safety Tips for your Home! When you do your spring cleaning, dispose of those old cans of paint and thinners and accumulated newspapers and magazines. Check local newspapers for times and locations to drop off household hazardous materials. When you clean windows check them for ease of opening as you may … Continue reading Spring Safety Tips!

Ask the Experts Radio Show Ft. President of Property Adjustment Corporation, Kevin Kaufmann!

Listen to President Kevin Kaufmann, S.P.P.A. “Ask the Experts”   Ask the Experts 4/22/17 1 Hour Episode  

Keep your Home Cool!

Keeping Your Home Cool During a Heat Wave Well, all winter long we prayed for warm weather. You’re either now enjoying that your wishes came true or hoping for some not-so-hot days. Here are some ways of keeping your home cool during a heat wave. Keep It Shut As you’re looking for ways to cool down your … Continue reading Keep your Home Cool!

All you need to know about Winter Storms!

Hi everyone hope you are staying warm! and safe! Below is some information on winter storms ! Winter storms caused an estimated $1 billion in insured losses in 2016, down from $3.5 billion in 2015, according to Munich Re. From 1996 to 2015 winter storms resulted in about $30 billion in insured catastrophe losses (in 2015 dollars), or about $1.5 billion a … Continue reading All you need to know about Winter Storms!

Record High’s in Temperatures, how does this affect your home?

With all of the up and down temperatures recently, this comes with the consequences of pipes thawing, then freezing. Along with all of the windstorms and hail, these seem to be some of the most popular insurance claims around this time of year.   Weather incidents account for more than half of all homeowners insurance … Continue reading Record High’s in Temperatures, how does this affect your home?

The Effects of Climate Change

Climate change is altering weather patterns and causing an increase in the intensity and frequency of adverse weather conditions. Weather conditions such as flooding, hail and drought can affect a policy holder’s insurable assets. Climate change therefore creates risks to both movable and immovable property and one of the issues for insurers is how to … Continue reading The Effects of Climate Change

Top Property Insurance Claims That Occur in the Winter

  The frigid temperatures and heavy snowfall in cold-weather states, along with wind and hail storms in other areas, can cause damage to homes, and in many instances result in homeowners needing to file an insurance claim. Recently analyzed homeowner claims data from the last five full winters (December to March) and conducted an online … Continue reading Top Property Insurance Claims That Occur in the Winter

Smart insurance New Year’s resolutions !

  BY:Emmet Pierce The exercise equipment gathering dust in Americans’ bedrooms and basements is a familiar sign of the way New Year’s resolutions often are quickly abandoned. But a few resolutions you’ll not only want to make but also stick with involve being more prudent about insurance. That means spending wisely and getting the coverage … Continue reading Smart insurance New Year’s resolutions !