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Exact Words For Frozen Pipe Claims

Some of us may be old enough to remember the trouble that Greg Brady got into over “exact words” in the classic Brady Bunch episode. Calling in a frozen pipe homeowners  insurance claim to your carrier yourself can easily turn into a costly mistake if it leads to a denial of coverage.

There are two magic words the carriers need to hear to cover a frozen pipe loss and if they don’t get said in your initial statement you may be in trouble.

Making Property Adjustment Corporation your first call before your insurance company can save you money in the long run. We present your frozen pipe claims to the insurance company for the maximum entitlement your policy allows for the damage to your home.

What were you doing 25 years ago?

1989 hair
1989 Hair

Bag Phone

Were you in the same business you are now?  

Property Adjustment Corporation has been in the business of helping home and business owners who have experienced severe sudden and accidental damage- receive the maximum entitlements of their insurance policy for exactly 25 years this year.

In 1989 there was no e-mail or smart phones, over the years our method of communication with our customers and coworkers has improved drastically. Back then we took photos of property damage on film cameras and had the film developed at New York Camera in Feasterville.  Pushing paper was a big part of the claims process by sending correspondence to insurance companies via a letter posted in the U.S. mail or facsimile machines.

Today communication with an insurance company may move along at a faster pace but the rate insurance companies’ pay out claims has stayed pretty much the same. After all these years it is still the best  option to hire a public adjuster to represent your interest to make sure you are getting everything you are entitled.

Why Experience Matters in Public Adjustment

It is our job to pay attention to how your policy works and how certain aspects may change from year to year. At Property Adjustment Corporation we belong to state and national organizations like MAPIA (Mid-Atlantic Public Insurance Adjuster Association) and NAPIA (National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters) that work to keep insurance policies written to be fair to the policy holder.

Each of our adjusters brings more than 20 years of experience to your claim. Many of our adjusters have worked for years for the insurance companies and now want to look after the interests of the policy holder instead of the dividends of the shareholders.

Settling millions of dollars in insurance claims over the past 25 years would not have been possible if it were not for the positive referrals from our clients. Property Adjustment Corporation aims to be your adjuster for life and looks forward to another 25 years of helping home and business property owners.

We are extremely grateful for being able to help the many local households and want to spend the next year giving back to the community in a personal way.