Fire Damage Claims

You may not realize it at the time but decisions made immediately after a house fire or commercial business fire can affect your quality of life for months or maybe years to come.

How We Help

Property Adjustment Corporation can help you find fire damage professionals that will clean and secure your home for the rebuild paying careful attention to your salvageable belongings. We will help arrange for suitable accommodations for your family and pets while your home is cleaned and rebuilt.

Our trained staff will sift through the burnt debris to carefully prepare a detailed itemized list of your personal property to present to your insurance company. We will leave no item unaccounted, pricing your belongings at today’s market cost.

PAC Estimators will produce your own structural rebuild estimate for the insurance company based on your policy coverage.

Settling larger insurance claim losses can be a long and tedious process we guarantee you will have a higher settlement with our services.
fire damage South HamptonSouthampton, PA Fire in 2012



fire after Property Adjustment CorporationSame home after PAC Settlement in 2013