Stucco Damage

Improperly installed stucco can lead to major repairs to your home. Issues associated with incorrectly installed stucco go unnoticed and are exacerbated over long periods of time. Sometimes issues are ignored until the cost to repair the damage becomes as high as $100,000 or more.

You may not realize that this damage to your home caused by poorly installed stucco may be covered by your insurance. This damage can lead to a plethora of costly issues for you as a homeowner. Who can you turn to for answers?

Property Adjustment Corporation can determine if your homeowner’s insurance will cover the damage caused by water getting behind your stucco. Until recently it was believed that this type of damage was NOT covered under homeowner’s insurance, but our specially trained staff can quickly assess if you are covered.

We can determine if you are covered for costly issues like –

  • Water penetrating stucco making your home unsafe and difficult to sell.
  • Interior water stains without clear causation.
  • The presence of mold in your home.

Our trained Adjusters will do everything for you. We will sift through your insurance policy to see if your coverage can be applied to these problems, starting with notifying your insurance company of the loss, preparing a detailed itemized estimate in preparation to present the claim on your behalf. We will leave no item unaccounted for. We will do all the communication and interactions with your insurance company to avoid any misrepresentations. The Adjusters at Property Adjustment Corporation are expert structural estimators who will produce a rebuild estimate to present to the insurance company.

Contact us today to find out if you are covered and let us help you make things right!

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