“They Play For Every Penny.”

Jay T.

Mechanicsville, PA

I know that if I had not gone through Property Adjustment Corporation the outcome of my claim would not have been as good for me.

“Great service, made it easy.”

Athena W.

Doyleston, PA

Everything Property Adjustment Corporation did for me was just great. They did a property adjustment claim for me that was rather large. I had another company in my home moving things around and getting things put back and they were awful, they literally damaged almost everything in their way, I was very disappointed.

They were great in working with me though. They literally had everything taken care of with the other business within a couple of weeks and made things very easy for me. I would recommend them to anyone.

“Kevin did a great job”

Jimmy C.

Doylestown, PA

Kevin over at Property Adjustment Corporation really helped get me out of a real pickle recently. He is very organized and does a great job of making sure that you feel comfortable and taken care of. If he ever needs anything from you he will email you and he will also email you just to give you little updates with how everything is going. I really appreciated that high level of communication. He did a very good job, and I would definitely recommend his services to anyone and everyone.

“Wonderful, good job.”

Joann V.

Philadephia, PA

The people at Property Adjustment are wonderful. They do a really good job. I am very satisfied with them.

“Very helpful”

Michael C.

Bensalem, PA

Linda at Property Adjustment Corp. was very helpful. She was my contact and she did everything and kept it so I wasn’t all frazzled. They handled an insurance claim and we are still in the process.

“They were very good.”

Eleise B.

Doylestown, PA

They were very good. They got what I needed them to get done and that’s it!

“They always do their part!”

Yolanda J.

Philadelphia, PA

I used them in 1999 and I had my first apartment with them when I was 18 years old. Now, I’m 35 and still doing business with them.

I recommend them to all my family all the time!