Sump Pump Failure

sump pump failureWhat can make water damage due to sump pump failure an even worse experience is not having the proper coverage to pay for the repairs!

What is known as an HO-208 or Back Up of Sewer, Drain and Sump Pump Coverage- is essential to any homeowner keeping fine furnishings or items of value in their basement, ask your agent if you are properly covered, the additional cost to your policy is minimal.

If you have experienced water damage in your basement and don’t know if you a properly covered, call Property Adjustment Corporation and we will review your insurance policy for free.

We will help you find service professionals that will help dry the affected area and prevent mold from growing – with no out of pocket expense to you. Our staff will sift through your wet items and help your evaluate your damaged personal property and create a structural estimate of damage for your home repairs.

Property Adjustment Corporation is your key to achieving the highest settlement possible!