Water Damage Claims

Water Damage is one of the most common covered insurance losses,
but not all types of water damage are covered under your insurance policy.

How We Help

By calling Property Adjustment Corporation before you call your insurance company, you can avoid the risk of a flat out claim denial. If not you will risk describing the source of the water damage in a way that will not pay for the damage.

Property Adjustment Corporation can help you find a service technicians that will dry, clean and secure your home giving careful attention to your salvageable belongings. Their services get paid for you by the insurance company with no out of pocket expense to you.

Our trained staff will sift through the wet debris to carefully prepare a detailed itemized list of your personal property priced and ready to present to your insurance company. We will leave no item unaccounted. Expert structural estimators will produce your own structural rebuild estimate for the insurance company.

By telling your insurance company how much we want as opposed to asking, “How much?” always results in a better outcome!