Why Hire a Public Adjuster for Your Insurance Claim?

By Kevin Kaufmann

Recently I was asked “What’s the difference between you, a public adjuster, and an adjuster from my insurance company?” I thought for a bit and answered, “If you want your roof patched after the windstorm then call your insurance company, if you want a new roof call me. You are entitled to both, but the choice is yours.”

You may not realize it at the time, but the decisions you make hours and even days after your home has experienced sudden and traumatic damage can affect your quality of life for years. That is because insurance adjusters work for the insurance company and are looking out for the company’s financial interests. Their job is to literally help the insurer spend as little as possible while still honoring the policy.  If that’s the case, then who is looking out for your interests? That is where a public adjuster like Property Adjustment Corporation (PAC) comes in.

What is a Public Adjuster?

A public adjuster is an insurance professional who works for the policy holder to help settle an insurance claim for property loss or damage. Public adjusters have no relationship with the insurance company and legally represents the policyholder (that’s you!). At PAC for example, we aid and assist our clients to make the right choices in handling their homeowner’s insurance claim, which results in the highest possible settlement.

An Example of What PAC Does

Say your home has fire damage, Property Adjustment Corporation can help you find fire damage professionals that will clean and secure your home for the rebuild paying careful attention to your

salvageable belongings. We will help arrange for suitable accommodations for your family and pets while your home is cleaned and rebuilt. Our trained staff will sift through the burnt debris to carefully prepare a detailed itemized list of your personal property to present to your insurance company. We will leave no item unaccounted, pricing your belongings at today’s market cost. Finally, our estimators will produce your own structural rebuild estimate for the insurance company based on your policy coverage.

Why Time Matters

Although we often help home and business owners after their insurance says their claim is not covered or offers too little to fix their property, sometimes it is not always possible. If the damages were presented incorrectly or something is said that goes against how the policy works, we may not be able to save the claim. To better your odds of success, get us involved immediately after the damage occurs.

Our assessments of damages are free of charge and without obligation, so why not let us see if we can help.

So, that is the difference between a public insurance adjuster and an insurance company’s adjuster – one is looking out for your interests, the other is looking out for the company’s. Our slogan at Property Adjustment Corporation is: “We Make Things Right.”  We explain your rights and coverage to you and keep your insurance company accountable, every step of the way. And, if you have any questions or concerns throughout your claim process, your adjuster is only a phone call away. And feel free to contact us and schedule a free damage inspection and policy review.

Kevin Kaufmann has earned the distinction S.P.P.A. Senior Professional Public Adjuster, having founded Property Adjustment Corporation in 1990. Kevin is certified in Property Claims and Commercial Fire Coverage and is trained in Commercial Building Restoration. He is a licensed public adjuster in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Delaware, North Carolina, and Florida and is an active member of the National Association of Public Adjuster as well as the Mid-Atlantic Association of Public Adjusters.

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