Why Who You Call After a House Fire Matters

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Two Phone Calls, 10 Days: Why Who You Call After a House Fire Matters

fire damageSeveral weeks ago, Rosalli Shah, an anesthesiologist at St. Mary’s Hospital in Bucks County, PA, had her home destroyed by fire.  Tragic.  The day after the fire she made two phone calls; one to her insurance company and the other to Property Adjustment Corporation.

I met with Rosalli and the Fire Marshal that day.  Her insurance company took 10 days to come out.  When asked why it took so long, the insurance adjuster told Rosalli, without empathy or apology, “Yeah, this claim just slipped through the cracks…”

What did Property Adjustment Corporation do in those 10 days it took Rosalli’s insurance company to see the loss?

  • Arranged temporary housing for Rosalli and her family.
  • Had their salvageable clothing dry-cleaned and returned to her within 24 hours.
  • Restored temporary power to the premises.
  • Arranged a dumpster drop off so restoration specialists could tear out the wet carpet and start drying out the home.
  • Calculated an estimate for what it would cost to rebuild her home.
  • Started and completed an inventory of all the household contents.

indoor fire damageAs if the loss of your home and belongings isn’t troubling enough, settling larger insurance claim losses can be a long and tedious process, especially with indifferent insurance companies that allow your claim to “fall through the cracks” and uncaring insurance adjusters looking to minimize insurance claim payments.

At Property Adjustment Corporation, we promise a timely response and courteous service.  We also guarantee you will have a higher settlement payment with our services than with working with insurance alone.  You may not realize it at the time, but decisions made immediately after a house fire or commercial business fire can affect your quality of life for months or maybe years to come.

Gee, I guess Rosalli only needed to make one phone call…

fire damage

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