Get to Know Your Homeowner’s Insurance

Do you really know what’s in your Homeowner’s Insurance?  Most people assume that all policies are basically the same, but they can vary, depending on policy and company. It is important for you to understand what your policy covers before your house suffers winter damage and you file an insurance claim.

There are several types of policies. The majority are considered “standard.” “Fire-only” will not cover as many types of damage as an “all-risk” policy. If you are not sure what type of policy you have and what it covers, call your agent for an explanation.

Here are some examples of what might not be covered in your policy –

Ice Dams    

Not any policies pay for ice dam removal. However, interior or exterior damage caused by an ice dam on your roof is usually covered.

Snow Removal

Homeowner’s insurance does not cover injuries sustained by a homeowner during snow removal.  Accumulation of snow and extreme cold are considered “acts of God,” but not considered damage per se. Damage caused by snow and cold is covered. Damage to your yard and driveway is not covered.

Frozen Pipes

Not all companies pay to have frozen pipes thawed by professionals. Most policies cover pipe replacement and water damage. The coverage may not apply if you turned the furnace off for the winter without winterizing your home.

Interruption of Services

If you lose power during a storm, there are policies that pay for spoiled food, repairs to damage caused by loss of power, and appliances damaged by the outage. Many policies also will pay for shelter when you lose power for extended periods during the winter. If you lose heat and fail to take steps to prevent pipes from freezing, your policy may not cover the resulting damage.

Commercial Coverage

Commercial property insurance varies dramatically from policy to policy. Check with your agent to find out what kind of coverage you have before damage occurs.


If you have damages caused by one of these unfortunate events and are not sure how to proceed, give us a call.  We are here to support you and find out your best course of action.

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